La Bella Villa Bed and Breakfast Agrigento
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La bella Villa, the best Bed and Breakfast of Agrigento

A beautiful swimming pool always awaits you in our bed and breakfast. The beautiful Villa takes care of its guests by offering maximum comfort. The pool is open air, usable anytime in the evening, there are adjacent bathrooms and showers for ultimate relaxation. It is planned a Bar area available for tourists

San Leone, Scala dei Turchi, white tip, Naro River, the mouth of the river Platani and the coast of Agrigento
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San Leone Beach - Spiagge grigento is not just culture and ancient Greece. But known worldwide by the name of Akragas, the largest colony history of Hellenic civilization, Agrigento represents one of the most beautiful places to the sea and beaches in Italy. Easily connected to Lampedusa e Linosa (which you can reach in less than 4 hours), the coast is indented by timeless places with a fine beaches and unique worldwide. The intense yellow colour, derived from the presence of the Tuff sandstone, characterizes every so as the same town and the temples. Davidson
It is important that our guests can walk to the beach in just one minute. Alike are immersed in beautiful San Leone (reachable on foot) where they will find the classic nightlife. Nightclubs, discos, events and entertainment at every corner.
A vacation is, above all, relax and then becomes beautiful. Beautiful Villa bed and breakfast will give you everything you need to make your trip to the city, with a team of professionals that will give you directions to your destination.

Agrigento: everything in a few kilometers

Turkis Stair - Scala dei turchi, capo russello Find the most beautiful places in few kilometers is never easy. With the beautiful Villa, our bed and breakfast, becomes quick and easy. Administrate your paths is simple is fast, this page viewing now paths are here: tourist routes
The beautiful Villa nothing was left to chance. The Interior is from 5 star hotel, the comfort of the rooms is at the top of each category. Common areas are spacious and always accessible. A new way of thinking about your holiday in Agrigento
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The sights of Agrigento's Valley of temples. Scala dei Turchi and the beaches of the coast.

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