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The dishes of the Sicilian cuisine and Agrigentina

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Arancini Siciliani

The Prince pride of Sicilian cuisine: small timbales suitable to be eaten as a snack, first course or main dish: Always warm and fragrant in many Sicilian fast, where you can find stuffed with meat sauce, ham, cheese, ricotta and spinach ... and so on.
Servizi Turistici Agrigento

rolls swordfish

It's a second dish typical of the Sicilian tradition, are prepared with cut slices of swordfish and with a filling of capers, olives, bread crumbs and tomatoes. It is accompanied with a side dish of baked peppers with capers. They reflect the flavor and colors of Sicily in a simple but tasty.
Servizi Turistici Agrigento

cavatelli al cartoccio

One of the typical dishes of Agrigento, consisting of eggplant into cubes, fry in olive oil and season with making a clove of garlic, basil and pepper. Prepared with a tomato sauce and served in foil made from aluminum foil after about 20 minutes of oven.
Servizi Turistici Agrigento

Cozze Gratinate

A delicious seafood appetizer: mussels with the shell filled with a good stuffing of bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese and parsley, flavored cooking liquid from the mussels themselves. They are really simple and fast to prepare: a recipe to open a tasty dinner of fish.
Servizi Turistici Agrigento

Sarde a Beccafico

It's a tasty main Sicilian dish: the combination of flavors that mix make it a tempting and tasty food, definitely worth trying. In Sicily, in the heart of the Mediterranean, two are queens recipes that contend this delicious dish: the Palermo version and Catania.
Servizi Turistici Agrigento


Are typical Italian sweet, has the shape of a strip, sometimes manipulated to form a knot, are made with a flour dough that is fried or baked and then dusted powdered sugar. in Agrigento tradition are sweets that come from simple ingredients but with a unique taste.
Servizi Turistici Agrigento

Cannolo Siciiano

At first they were traditional fried sweets, eaten during Carnival, but after so much success, have become the most popular Sicilian sweet and loved in the world. They consist of an envelope of fried and crispy pastry , stuffed with ricotta cream, chocolate chips and candied pumpkin cubes.
Servizi Turistici Agrigento

Risotto with parsley

A dish with a unique taste of Sicily. Prepared by boiling rice in a saucepan and after insaportito with garlic and oil. Done up in a pan with chopped parsley uses well hot. it dates from after the war and, after some transformations is a typical dish of Agrigento.
Servizi Turistici Agrigento

cutlet Mackerel

One of the most common fish in meditteraneo. Marinated and seasoned with vinegar with salt and pepper becomes a great treat for the taste. Infarinato and passatto beaten egg and breadcrumbs cutlet is fried in hot oil and abundant.
Servizi Turistici Agrigento

Meat Murata

Meat brushed with egg, passed in bread crumbs and golden in hot oil, seasoned with onions, potatoes and tomatoes threaded. The dish is completed by creating layers of meat and alternating potatoes. Served at room temperature with oregano and salt.
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