La Bella Villa Bed and Breakfast Agrigento
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La bella Villa, the best Bed and Breakfast of Agrigento

Bed and Breakfast-Agrigento, beyond indifference

Struttura hotel bed and breakfast per disabili
Care, attention, warmth, interest and the spaces are not details. The Bed and Breakfast la Bella Villa close to the sea and 2 km from Agrigento, in addition to a wide range of exclusive services, opens doors and spaces for people with disabilities.
Among the 5 rooms available in the Hotel President, two rooms are dedicated to the special needs of mobility is disabled. Are barrier-free rooms and designed to facilitate the best possible stay of guests with disabilities.
The rooms reserved for disabled people are able to offer every comfort and convenience. They are equipped with specific services as a broad input, baths and showers with special holders.
Finally, the absence of architectural barriers inside the hotel makes it easily accessible areas and areas, in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible inside the bed and breakfast.

here are the key points on which we worked :
accessibility | visibility | adaptability.

The beautiful Villa offers a total experience of the entire building for people in wheelchairs. A high profile when they log on and can take advantage of spaces and services necessary for the function performed in it,
The study on adaptability includes the features and the technical measures that have been implemented to make villa ready for people with disabilities.

Logo la bella villa bed and breakfast Agrigento The bed and breakfast the beautiful villa offers facilities for the disabled without barriers archietettoniche . The best structure for disabled in Agrigento with personalized offers and best price
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