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La bella Villa, the best Bed and Breakfast of Agrigento

the Valley of the temples and everything that surrounds it

Valley of temples One of the most important archaeological sites of classical Greek civilization, UNESCO World Heritage site in 1998.
On a Rocky Ridge that borders South the plateau on which stood the village classic, still emerge the remains of the Doric temples, of uncertain attribution: from East to West, Hera Hera Lacinia, Concordia, Heracles (Hercules), Olympic Zeus (Jupiter), Castor and Pollux (Dioscuri) and Hephaistos (volcano). Further down, the plain of San Gregorio crossed by the river Akragas, whose mouth was the port and the ancient city's Emporium. Near the River, the temple dedicated to the God of medicine, Asclepius.
The ancient Akragas in the fifth century b.c., was a thriving cultural center: home of pre-Socratic philosopher Empedocles, frequented by Pindar and Simonides. In Roman times, the city is visited by Cicero in search of evidence of greed and embezzlement of pro-console Verre and described by Virgil Aeneid.
The Valley of the temples is an archaeological area of Sicily characterized by the exceptional State of preservation and a series of important Doric temples of the Hellenistic period. Corresponds to the ancient Akragas, monumental core of the city of Agrigento. Unique scenery that captivates passersby every time with the same magic! read more on Wikipedia

La Scala dei Turchi, wonder of nature

Turkis Stair - Scala dei turchi the Scala dei Turchi is a cliff (Cliff) that rises above the sea along the coast between Palermo and Porto Empedocle, near Agrigento. Has become a tourist attraction for both the singularity of the cliff, white and with peculiar forms, whether as a result of the popularity gained by the novels featuring detective Montalbano written by writer Andrea Camilleri, empedoclino where such places are mentioned the Commissioner's country to frame with Porto Empedocle. a scale is formed of Marl, a sedimentary rock limestone and clay, with a pure white color. This Cliff by singular aspect lies in the middle between two sandy beaches, and to get there you drive along the coast and climb a hill resembling a large natural limestone staircase. Once you reach the top of the cliff, the visible landscape embraces the coast of Agrigento to Capo Rossello, The Scala dei Turchi has a wavy shape and irregular, with sweet and not bitter but rounded lines. The name comes from past piracy raids by the Saracens, the Arab peoples and, by Convention, Turkish; the Turkish pirates, in fact, found shelter in this area less battered by winds and representative a safer landing.

White Point - this unknown ...

Valley of temples glimpse of the Costa Blanca, Punta Bianca is a beach that retains bright vivid colors typical of the South of Sicily White tip, in Sicily, is part of the Costa Blanca in Agrigento, beautiful coastline with a characteristic white appearance. Our starting point is then Agrigento, and the tour of this beautiful beach and the sea can be combined with a tour of this Sicilian city rich in history and charm. HERE'S HOW TO GET THERE From the center of Agrigento we take Hwy 115 to the village Moses and from here we continue along the road to the beaches. At the first roundabout follow the signs for Zingarello and from here we will follow then for white tip. Be careful, though, because after a short stretch with asphalt disjointed, the road becomes a dirt road and requires due care while driving. We then reach an area used as a parking lot identifiable by the presence of a few tourist signs, including one indicating the distance to white tip. Leaving the car we can decide whether to take the dirt road that leads to the right and runs on the cliff or rising up before us. Both come together before we get to our destination. Walking the path takes about 20-30 minutes to get to the Creek. Having regard to the particular conformation of the place and the track completely exposed to the Sun, we recommend arriving early in the morning, also to enjoy the beauty of the place, having the feeling to be absolute masters of the beach.

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The sights of Agrigento's Valley of temples. Scala dei Turchi and the beaches of the coast.

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